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Thinking about, or in the process of buying an investment property? Before you do, Pursuit Real Estate have created 3 Essential Guides to Property Investment & Property Management That every Property Investor needs to see!

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Guide To Choosing Your Property Manager

Shopping around for an Investment Manager is tough. Understanding the skills and expertise required of your property manager will help give you the extra edge when looking for the right candidate.

5 Keys To Self Managing Your Investment Property

If you’re trying to decide between self-managing your investment or appointing a manager, 5 Keys to Managing Your Investment Property cover five crucial components of management that you’ll have to be prepared for if you choose to go it alone.

What They Won't Tell You About Property Management

With an ever-increasing complexity to investing and property management, we feel it’s important to clear the air and tell you the tough things that investors say they wish they knew earlier in their investment journeys.

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Property Management

Expert Leasing

Our thorough marketing process ensures minimal vacancy, engaged quality tenants with market-leading income.

Transparent fees

At Pursuit Real Estate we understand that you want a real estate partner you can trust to deliver uncompromising property care without overcharging you for it. We keep our costs low and pass those savings on to you in our low fees so you can keep your returns high.

Dedicated manager

Our dedicated managers care for your property from start to finish. We do not offload parts of the property management cycle to other team members, companies or providers. In fact, we do not outsource property management duties of any kind. You can trust that your property manager will be your point-of-call for all things about your property.

Professional communication

We respond to every email and call so you know your request has been received. We will follow-up regarding the correct action to take so that we act on your instruction, every time.

Peace of mind

We are proactive regarding compliance, maintenance and repairs to minimise risk to your investment and to you.

Trusted trades

We regularly review our Trade agreements to ensure your property has access to reliable tradesmen who deliver quality of work at fair value.

Thorough reporting

From expert accounting software to property reports, we understand the gravity of thorough reports that safeguards your asset.


Access to your control centre that gives you more information, oversight and control of your investment performance.

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Tenancy Administration

Uncompromising Arrears Policies

We act quickly and keep you informed regarding any disruptions to your tenants payment cycle.

On time inspections

Your property manager walks through in-person (COVID-safe arrangements included) and informs you promptly of the status of care and upkeep of your property every season.

Billing & invoice management

Invoices are actioned fast and followed-up strictly.

Rapid renewals

We action renewal procedures well ahead of time to understand if we can sign a new lease or schedule advertising and marketing. All leases are kept on fixed-term agreements for investment security.

Breach Controls & court representation

We provide thorough reporting and risk control procedures that dictates our proven track record for fast fixes.

The Pursuit Difference

Pursuit Real Estate is a team of seasoned property investors combined with experienced real estate professionals. Professionals that agree that your property journey needs to be doing much better than an experience slightly above a Used Car Salesperson. 

In choosing Pursuit you will have a truly knowledgeable team on your side to guide you through the complexity of buying, selling and investing. There are many agencies who will ‘talk the talk’ without being able to ‘walk the walk’. We are determined to flip the old-school methods of Real Estate on its head with a modern and innovative approach to service.

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